Classic Tile Inc. is the ever-busy fabricator

of Stainless Steel and Brass Studded Rubber Tile, recommended for use in elevators, revolving doors and other high traffic and weight bearing areas. The tiles are available in solid black or marbleized colors and in smooth or hammered finish textures. The long durability of this product makes it popular for use in health care facilities, universities, airports, high rise buildings, hotels and other buildings that require reliability to keep their elevators in service.

Studding Since 1977

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Ever it's made? Studded Tile Elevator Tile

 If you're anything like us, you fall asleep dreaming of stainless steel and brass studded tile, and you wake up consumed by studded tile.  Or you're just a semi-normal person,...

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Our New Headquarters in Rockaway, New Jersey

After many decades in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Classic Tile Inc. brought the business closer to home in 2018 by moving headquarters to the industrious town of Rockaway, New Jersey. Here...

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